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Photography is my passion and this website is here to allow you to share in my passion. You're welcome to simply view and enjoy my photographs, or purchase them if you want. I hope you do both. For several years my photographs were sold at art festivals in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona and New York. I'm out of the art festival business and simply taking time to enjoy the pleasure of making photographs.

This website has an extensive collection of my photographs for you to view. I'm also a partner in Image City Photography Gallery (http:/​/​imagecityphotographygallery.​com) in Rochester where my work is displayed, with new photos each month.


If you wish to purchase a photograph on this website and it doesn't seem to fit the dimensions you desire, please contact me and I can probably make adjustments to get you what you want. For example, most photographs on this website are sized in the standard 5:4 ratio so prints like 8x10 and 16x20 fit the photographs. A different ratio, like 12x18, requires some modification for the photograph to fit. Contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

You may see me somewhere in beautiful upstate New York. I may not be looking through the camera, however, but just standing beside the camera enjoying the scenery. Photography has taught me to see things as I never saw them before.

Photographer Dorothea Lange put it this way: "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." I've been known to set up my camera and watch a sunset for an hour or more yet never take a photo. The great thing about nature and landscape photography is I get to see a lot of beautiful things even if I never click the shutter.

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